Welcome to Sky Rex


Hello! My name is Alexander and this is my hobby. I am using computer software to create promotional booklets, posters or postcards.My idea is simple ,I create computer model of airplane or any other machine and incorporate it in any background pictures.This airplanes are airliners of the 30s and 40s, and yet they perfectly flying in my posters.I suspect that this art has big future in illustration and publishing busines.Too many beautiful machines gone, leaving only 3 view plans and dozen of low quality pictures. But that all what we need! Using sophisticated computer program we can turn 3view plan to 3D model, and then incorporate this model in to modern environment. This way you can make a rare pictures of rare airplane, or car, or anything.If you want a pictures where your family pose in front of UFO,or yourself in cockpit of german Messerschmitt, we can fix it up..Together we can create beautiful postcard or poster suited for you, or your business.